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Thursday March 10, 2016:  6pm-8pm

Saturday March 12, 2016:  2pm-430pm

TOPIC: Differences and Similarities of ALL Courts/Tribunals (with Forms Session*) 

MARCH 2016


Thursday April 21, 2016:  6pm-8pm

Saturday April 23, 2016:  2pm-430pm

TOPIC: "Winning in Family Court" - PART 1 (with Forms Session*)


APRIL 2016

MAY 2016

Thursday May 19, 2016:  6pm-8pm

Saturday May 21, 2016:  12pm-230pm

TOPIC: In-Depth Look at Appeals in any Venue (with Forms Session*)


SUNDAY MAY 22, 2016 - Calling all singles!  The SRLS is producing a fun night of Speed-Dating/Dinner/Dancing - Check out details for this fundraiser here.

JUNE 2016

Thursday June 16, 2016: 6-8pm

Saturday June 18, 2016:  2pm-430pm

TOPIC: The ABSOLUTE MINIMUM You Should Know Before Going to Court!! (with Forms Session*)

JULY 2016

Thursday July 14, 2016:  6pm-8pm

Saturday July 16, 2016:  2pm-430pm

TOPIC: Basics to Appeals

NOTE: In Nov. 2016 we changed our business model to support more virtual service delivery. As such, in person workshops are currently suspended until further notice. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel for future virtual workshops, informational videos or live events.

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