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Self-Represented Litigant's Society



Our organization exists to promote a better understanding of the law for all and to support access to justice for those who for any reason, represent themselves in legal matters by providing coaching, appropriate encouragement, legal information, referrals or other resources to those people.




1. We envision a Canada that ensures all members of society, can have access to justice and fair representation in all legal matters;


2. We envision all Canadians having the opportunity to access the justice system without prejudice, whether having legal counsel or not;


3. We envision all Canadians that seek support in representing themselves in legal matters, finding that support outside of the decision-maker's venue;


4. We envision an integrated justice system that welcomes and respectfully treats all parties before it, whether those parties are represented by counsel or not;


5. We envision a justice system that evolves to meet the needs of its parties regardless of representation and without discrimination against those who represent themselves; and,


6. We envision our organization will grow and learn from its members and that all Canadians that seek our support will receive it in some capacity.




-Every Canadian respected equally regardless of social, financial or legal status

-Mutual respect and mutual support

-Diversity and freedom of expression

-Respect for social justice

-Those who value and respect basic Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms

-Educated choices

-Freedom from prejudice, discrimination and harassment



Our Legal Name:

"iRepMyself: Self-Represented Litigant's Soceity"



Year End:

December 31




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