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Combatting Loneliness Campaign


While the SRL community may be small, it is far from insignificant. SRLs (self-represented litigants) are people who experience a great deal of angst, anxiety, isolation and sometimes these persons suffer from compounding mental health issues. 


If you would like to support any of our campaigns to ultimately support SRLs, please contact us today.


Do you have creative talents or organizational skills? We are seeking volunteers and donors to help us realize our campaign goals. Whether you have no experience or a plethora of skills in a certain field, let's talk about how you can become involved to build interpersonal skills, get active in the community and build relationships so it's a win-win situation for everyone. Including SRLs. 



Phone: 226-241-6290


Self-Reps Are Lonely...

Join our cause by donating $1 which symbolizes the isolation & loneliness most SRLs feel when representing themselves. Your $1 (or more) will go directly to support our programs for self-represented litigants.

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